Fishing in Tydal

Welcome to adventurous Tydal

In Tydal you can experience freshwater fishing at its finest. In our numerous mountain lakes, streams and rivers, surrounded by majestic mountains, you may experience the hook of a big fish, during summer as well as winter. Of Tydals 1330 km², 99 % of it is magnificent nature and wildlife. Here you’ll find 116 km² of rivers and lakes that are rich on fish. There is a mix of trout and char in most fish waters.

There are numerous places with opportunities for boat-rental and accommodation in Tydal. We hope we can prepare you for a visit to Tydal and Neadalen after your wishes.  

Come and experience great freshwater fishing in our vast and beautiful nature!


Tips for your stay

The summertime is great for fishing with “marklokker” on the great lakes and fly-fishing in the rivers and ponds. During winter we have lots of lakes that are suitable for ice fishing. Remember to bring waste and garbage with you, so the trip will be just as nice for those who will come next.


Fishing license

You can buy fishing license at the Tourist Information in Ås and Stugudal, at the gas station Best in Ås and at Stugudal Håndverk og fritid. You can also buy a license at most of the accommodation places. We recommend that you buy the fishing license called Tydalskortet.

Tydalskortet is a license that covers all 7 fishing areas in Tydal.

There is also a family license that can exist of a family with two adults and x number of children between 16-18 years. All children under the age of 16 fishes for free.

You can also choose to buy a fishing license online here (in Norwegian).

Price list for fishing license in Tydal

  Fishing from land   Fishing from boat
Area: 1 day 1 week 1 year 1 day 1 week 1 year
Græsli/Hilmo 100,- 500,- 1000,- 140,- 700,- 1.400,-
Aune 100,- 500,- 1000,- 140,- 700,- 1.400,-
Østby/Essand 100,- 500,- 1000,- 140,- 700,- 1.400,-
Moen 100,- 500,- 1000,- 140,- 700,- 1.400,-
Nesjø/Vessingsjø 100,- 500,- 1000,- 140,- 700,- 1.400,-
Stugudalen 100,- 500,- 1000,- 140,- 700,- 1.400,-
Family license 1.300,- 1.600,-
120,- 600,- 1.200,- 170,- 850,- 1.700,-
Family license 1.600,- 2.100,-


Lakes and river keeper / Supervising

The landholders in Tydal have common fishing supervising/ river keeper. The fishing supervisors, guides the anglers and other outdoors people about rules and guidelines, in addition to keep control over things are done properly. Remember to bring your fishing license with you while fishing. You can reach the fishing supervisors / river keepers by calling: (+47) 481 32 516


General rules – Guidelines for fishing in Tydal

Fishing in the rivers Tya and Nea is prohibited between September 15th and April 15th.


Rules for using a boat


Fly-fishing zone

The fly-fishing zone is located in the river Tya, between Esfossen and Håen Dam, and it’s open to all who fly-fishes. The zone is 4 kilometres long and it offers great streams, quite waters and a pond. Here can any fly-fishing angler find challenges. In addition there are two lean-tos for shelter next to Håen Dam and at Fættvollen.


Rules for fly-fishing zone